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Felipe Vallin

Can You Turn Prison Into Paradise?

The lust you feel right now can be turned into a legacy.

There were no winds of war. No arms build-up. No scaremongering whispers (US presidential musings aside). Not even enough time to orchestrate a strategic hoarding plan. Damn. This shit happened so fast. Like being imprisoned without a trial or any due process. But is it?

Psychology explains that when this happens, our minds are not programmed to cope very well. Shock, disbelief, a sense of injustice, rage, and a sense of insecurity envelope many of those wrongly imprisoned. But is this where we are?

Initially, I like many, reverting to a lean business canvas, transforming our lives into our startup model helped many a friend get through the first week. Defining my value proposition, identifying key customer — wife, in my case, — jobs to be done. Embedding a team culture — with my ‘crazy gang’ kids — and mother in law and, of course, sorting out the team games.

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1st Week Sorted, Thank You NetFlix!!

Week two was altogether different, reality set in.

Takeaway: don’t try to scale your isolation too fast, you may run out of emotional funding

John Wilson, professor of psychology at Cleveland State University, states — one effect of unjust imprisonment is a loss of self-identity, almost a coming undone of oneself as the ‘old’ free self dies and the new imprisoned self is born in its place. These two selves are at odds with one another and create an internal battle of the mind and may result in an assault on the sense of self as worthy of esteem, love, and respect from the self.

However, here is where our experience differs. Our current prisoner is of the physical state only. Technology has provided us with a palatial set of mental resources which cannot be sated however many days, month or years the imposition should persist. Presenting the greatest opportunity for asset acquisition — knowledge, in this case — since the days of the Klondike gold rush.

With a free tier of services being offered by all and sundry technology giants and gnomes, the stage is set for the biggest information land grab since time began.

Takeaway: Your body may be in prison, but you can invite your mind into a paradise

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Jimmy Chan

‘First comes Lust’
‘Then comes Longing’
‘And lastly Legacy emerges’

The desire to reclaim our lives, as they were, as they had always been, soon receded into reality.

Then came the longing for when it would all be over. When we could meet friends and foe in person, not just at a house party facetime.

But then the dilemma sets in.

What is going to be your legacy of this time?

I dream my children will emerge, fully appreciating their siblings as their best friends, for the rest of their lives, period. Anything else is a welcome bonus.

Takeaway: Lust will fade, kick on through the longing to reach a legacy mindset and forever change your world.

After many years of semi self-imposed isolation — ignoring neighbors, non-conversational tube journeys, maintaining silence in hotel lifts — the real thing may just have shocked us enough to rethink. Making real connections, not just Linkedin connections may just be the future as we know it.

i. Absence of Fear

ii. Education

iii. Exercise

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We can all make it through, armed to the teeth with knowledge, compassion and greater respect for everything around us.

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